Sunday, October 18, 2009


as i begin to rehearse for the michael jackson tribute concert i cant help but type youtube into my webbar and frantically watch all of my favourite michael jackson moments. Its heart warming and heart wrenching all in one, and you cant help but feel sad to know that you never got the chance to see him live, or feel his presence in the room. It would have been magical, i can only imagine.

as so much drama surrounds him still, it seems his name may never really be left for peace. And as i start to peel back the layers of his musical history, i begin to realise just how big of a voice he had for such a small boy, and just how far his message really stretched.

'who's loving you' is just the most innocent and childlike moment that somehow managed to carry the wisdom and heart ache of a veteran, not of a 10 year old. It was the beggining of something so beautiful, and a reason to celebrate.
laugh, cry or be enlightened
there will never be another
michael joseph jackson
we felt your love
we could see it in your eyes

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