Monday, October 5, 2009


when your world turns a little hazey, and not even your boyfriend will date you, its time to pick up the slack and take yourself on a little trip to paris. ..

amid the lavish settings of chateaus and champagne there you will find coco, a girl who would conform to nobodies ideas of a woman and desperately searched for her own. she wore plad. mens shirts. and her hair in a bun on the top of her head. but she was revolutionary, and no one could stop her. she was what reminded me of myself, just a girl trying to make something of her life and not some one elses. she was scared to fall in love. she was exquisite, and charming even in subtitles. grabrielle "coco" chanel, was born with love from no one and would die with love from the world. CHANEL is an empire that still exudes all the qualities of that once lived lifestyle and underneath? a self made lady who represents everything you can live to be without a man.

i think we should all take a leaf from her book, and me? well im going to start dating myself, trips to the art gallery, holidays to the sea, movies in paris... i think this could be a start of a beautiful relationship.


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