Sunday, October 4, 2009


it is my beleif that anything can work, if you know how to work it. and contrary to what you may think, it takes little money to make an unworkable peice of clothing totally wearable. So it is in my first EVER blog that i urge you to please.. just go through the dollar bin. theresnothing that a threadedneedle cant handle. a nip here, a tuck there .. and vwalar! a new fabulous peice for your closet. The most important key to finding wearble things is to always keep an eye out for quality fabric, the way it hangs, the make, the print, if its still in excellent quality and its made it all the way from brand new to the dollar bin, you know its worthy. al-a, i picked up a beautiful navy blazer and some ruby mulicoloured sequened shoes for under 5 dolllars.
TRUST ME you wont regret, so do it. just go through the dollar bin, fill a bag, pick up something out of character.. this little secrets on me.

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