Monday, October 5, 2009

riding high

there is NOTHING wrong with high waisted nickers, and im not talking bonds hightop/highrise whatevers. im talking bonified panties, they pull you in, trim you down, and slim you up. i think its just so silly, all these ladies not dressing for their body but for the style. forget about riding high on your "size six" that doesnt fit half your ass, and start thinking about riding your panties just that little more towards your bellybutton. you'll be much more comfortable for it. and you'll see how much more smoothly everything will run, including your hips. they actually have a real sex appeal. They flatter your stomach, legs and backside, and-vwala!--make you look like a 1940's pinup.

i predict victoria secret runways and that our mothers had it right all along.

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