Saturday, October 24, 2009

when everything goes left

i thought the world was on my side, i had job offers flying out my ears, courses booked, deposits payed and a future planned.

it was a tuesday afternoon when everything went from going oh so right to making a hard left in the wrong direction. My tyre popped, i only just made it to work but i knew this was the just beginning of the terrible threes. Next thing i knew i was turned down job offers because i had a 3 hour commitment on a friday morning, and losing placements in courses because i was five minutes late. It felt like a chain of distaster and one bad thing was causing a rippling affect outward and beyond.

i couldnt help but wonder; why is to that everything can go so quickly from peachy to pearshaped? is it karhma or is it fate?Or is the universe just playing a cruel game of snakes and ladders?

the day before my tyre popped, my mum urged me to join RACQ. The day before i had a job offer turned down, i turned down another job. And the night before i was five minutes late, i thought "imagine if i slept in".

i can only hope i roll a six and land on a ladder next, because isnt that what they say? theres only one way to go from the bottom. Here's hoping its the right way, not left.

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