Thursday, September 2, 2010

never say

i had to stop myself. bored is no longer aloud in my vocabulary.
for the first time in a long time ive had nothing to do.

no appointment to dash to. no party to plan. or photoshoot to prep for. i was off dancing. id called in sick in to work. and my schedule was wide wide open.

so when i caught myself posting bored in a post on facebook. i had to stop myself.

when did my world get so busy, that the moment i got to sit down, i felt unproductive and lazy. even guilty?

it was time, i'd decided. that i learnt to totally soak up my down time.
i found some tea light candels, filled my bath with salts, bubbles and water.and then after i made myself lemon tea and watched re-re-reruns of satc.
i had always loved my lone time. i think id just forgotten. for a small moment.

never say bored. and make more time to be.

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