Tuesday, April 5, 2011

fear of buying

If anyone knew my luck with online shopping, then you would know that I have none
and if to but avoid speaking of those beautiful Black Pony Hair Litas by Jeffrey Campbell that I once purchased from New York
"insert gasp of amazed breath here"
That never arrived.
Instead arrived ling langs flimsy apron dress that was meant to go to her in Singapore
"insert confused/angry/dissapointed face here"
and im sure if she was any kind of savvy online shopper and she received my Litas she would not have returned them
"insert shake of head"

more over, my next purchase was a cd - which after being approved, never turned up
with a prompt email to tell me I didnt have enough in my account - lies.
not to mention a never ending battle with an airline
"insert sigh of frustration"

so Ive made my final attempt at an online purchase.
Ive bought my scent - its beautiful and whimsical and earthy
if it doesn't come I'm boycotting the internet. full. stop.
"insert crossed fingers and toes"

Benghal by Lancome - I'm counting on you.

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