Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i recently decided to stop looking for love.
it seemed in all my efforts to make a success out of dating, it became forced and unnatural. two words that ironically do not aspire to love. and as does life unfold, love has sprung from the most real places of all. ive realized its not about having one companion to depend and rely on and that love comes in different forms of friendship and family. that special kind of person that you click with. a spark. not the butterflies that are really "just a fear of losing the guy". the real kind that creates warmth in your heart and energy in your soul and drive in your day. an unspoken respect between two people. not necessarily romantic. selectively choosing your friends on this pretense can only mean one thing for me. that a colleague who came into your life just as quickly as they left can become a life long friend. and aunties and uncles can become your invaluable teachers. that a contact made for your career can become a close companion. that mums and dads can become your best friends. and a pen pal can become the love of your life.

love actually. is. all around.

w my love. m


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