Sunday, January 29, 2012

capturing the capturer; about the new project.

for a true photographer there is something invigorating and intense about finding that exact right moment to take the picture. a breath of 'keep it there' rushes through your body as you scramble to capture something alive and real that you've just been a witness to, through you're lens.

and in that moment, you strive for perfection and judge for the placing of every last strand of hair. whether its finding your lines of symmetry, a powerful jux to position or an accidental moment of life; there is no better feeling than in that instant.

photographer, i think, is a term that is to be used loosely. the ability to take quality photos has lost its sacridity and exclusivity. the capability to take beautiful photos has become crutched by technology.

up until recently i have been skeptical as to calling myself a photographer. something i am still struggling to draw my own line with, as it is indeed everyone's right to have and own their own moments captured in quality.

in a day and age where technology is moving faster than the tabloids, every person has found their own device individual to their style and choice of photo. my new project comes from all of this, and also i find taking photos of others taking photos takes the edge off for a moment.

i have always had this theory that asian tourists must be in possession of some of the most breathtaking photos that exist on this planet. for they are forever snapping away, camera glued to them at every moment right from child.

here is to capturing the capturer, and for me i hope to find that moment of passion through my lens through theres.

ps. i believe blogger, the satorialist has followed a similiar concept. i would like to note that this has only been the most placid form of inspiration rather than replication, that is all.


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