Monday, January 30, 2012

danni boy


rumi of fashiontoast has bryan, nicole of garypepper has luke, and nirrimi has m.
moments ago i posted a request on facebook opening an application for a photographer boyfriend.
ive decided that it is poignant key in having a successful blog. self timer and mirror snaps will not suffice. it received a sudden flush of comments, and somehow my fluff post with a serious undertone sparked a conversation with my dear friend Daniel McStay, photographer and primary school friend. Its practically a business romance made in heaven. He's going to accompany me during fashion week, were both hoping for a few beautiful fleeting moments in aid of good photos and good company. if we so happen to hate each others face to the point of awkward, disregard this post ;)

now maleika of houseofavalon has a danny. perfect.

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