Sunday, February 26, 2012


i have for some time now been debating over which image to have on my iscreen background. oh the wo's of a first world citizen. moreover, my issue lies in that my background is a daily/momentarily constant reminder of where and what i am striving for in life.

my trainer had asked me to put a body inspiration photo up, this lasted and actually worked as motivation. rosie huntington whitely or any of the VS Angels would surely do it for you also. until that is i took a still out of a short clip from my kanye meet that remained as inspiration for creativity and drive. but also has acted in the demise of my fitness goals, i beleive.

this evening i flicked back through some 1000 odd images collected over the last year, and came across this; stunning and instantly agreeable image. that moment when something just clicks into place. the most perfect compromise of both parts body and soul. miranda and kanye. bring in a one month mark until i leave to travel overseas. an even breath of four weeks to align everything to where i want it to be.

i sign off on this sunday to arise to a new week and new day tomorrow,
6am boxing, university and a constant and soulful reminder in black and white.

find limitless balance in your dreams,
with love, M

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