Friday, February 24, 2012

in repair.

getting on track with my body means not only mind and soul but an attentive change to my hair care. i had my balayage done (i was going to say redone, but before now it literally was just year old regrowth, who ever thought that would become something thatd stick!?) after a lengthy search for a new hairdresser, having mine move to sydney, i found myself nestled on someones kitchen stool having my ends foiled. i have noticed this is becoming a trend.

we talked about my hair care i currently use and it was noted that my hair is somewhere way down on my list. having a long line (pun intended) of aunties and relatives with BEAUTIFUL long hair, i felt it nessecary to change my hat-titude ;)

the products above are the four basic nessecaties in keeping one such lovely locks in good health.
1. CARE Shampoo by NAK; for highlighted, coloured or curly hair
2. CARE Conditioner by NAK
3. HAIR TONIC by Health FUSION; for promoting healthy hippy hair growth
4. ABSOLUT REPAIR by LOREAL; repairing cleansing balm for v damaged hair aka mine.

since using these i have notice a massive change, my colour is locked, my hair is more managable from day to day, not to mention added shine and even a little bit of growth. The shampoo and conditioner promote a natural blend of herbs and goodness, which means less toxic intake for you also.

if any of you have used them or are looking to,
let me know your results

with love, M x

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