Sunday, March 25, 2012

i love sundays.

sundays have given me the most beautiful new lease on life.
beach front dining, catch ups with amazing friends, driving around with the roof off my car. a time when ideas are shared, night before stories are blasted with a roar of laughter and food is picked on a leisurely whim. it would be true to say that i have never truly understood being in good food, good wine, and good company until recently.

and it seems that Sundays are absolutely responsible for this; the feeling of freedom as i stretch awake from a sleep in and absolutely no obligation to life; its the one day a week society has made it 100% acceptable if not encouraged to do absolutely nothing.

perhaps, the one useful thing we've taken from Christianity; the seventh day of rest.

this Sunday marks one week until my home girl and I, M leave to go overseas. mad pack lists, checklists, visas, tickets, accommodation, organisation have been scrambled and pulled together and planned in awaiting perhaps one of the craziest months of my existence so far; as if life couldn't get any better.

to me having that one day a week, makes the rest of the week an absolute pleasure to bounce around and be as busy as all hell, uni/two jobs/training/dancing/photos/writing/family/blogging not to mention keeping up with my facebook notifications ;)

but in amongst the craziness of it all and still maintaining a work/life balance today i forgot the world; its my new fulltime one day a week committal.

dont forget to stop and smell the grass, seriously.

with love, M

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