Monday, May 28, 2012

pick a penny up, and put it in your pocket.

my post today finds relevant to all of those in favour of penny saving; saving pennies, picking pennies up, putting them in your pocket and/or perhaps even wishing on a penny, each to their own.

it is well known amongst my friends that i am hard penny saver, i think this attitude comes well adopted from my mum. when after a hard days work, you would be rewarded with but 50cents to spend on lollies down at the corner store. always saving and budgeting, always looking for the cheap way around things. and one particularly regular occurance of attending countless time share meetings, if only for the free holidays that came with. Yes, my mum definitely taught me the value of the dollar, and in her valid defense she was not broke, but in fact owned her house out right, while the rest struggled to meet their interest repayments.

it is my firmest of theories, that all the rich people, real wealthy people are perhaps some of the stingiest people alive. and from all of this derives the sickest of gut feelings when i see people leave coins laying around, or even dare i say, throwing a five cent piece in the bin.

it would not surprise you then, that i found myself staring down the barrel of a toilet bowl recently, wondering what i should do about the $2 coin sitting in the bottom.

honest, i know. and honestly i left it, had it been under any other circumstances however, that shiny coin would have made its way into my tip jar beside my bed.

no one wants to admit to being stingy, of course i still tip, i still eat well, travel and socialize at every opportunity, in Fear Of Missing Out [FOMO; but thats a whoole nother post] and perhaps from time to time i have to try my absolute best to pass on some of lifes little frivolities, but i feel on an up note that it has forced me to become a better creative mind.

days re working my wardrobe,  hours pinning, sewing and cutting pre exisiting garments to make them fit differently. and every so often when i do buy something new, it allows me to see not just said purchased item for value, but gives everything in my closet a new lease on life.

with love, M x

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