Monday, June 11, 2012

food for thought.

I spend this post literally in the most terrific dayze. As my fingers work beneath me, my head hangs too and fro wondering how I would put my evening with Stan and Lachary into words. 

Perhaps then, let me start at the beginning; a very good place to start.

In void of sounding too whimsical or life reflective, not wanting to end on another blog daily lesson; I find myself in perhaps one of the most content atmospheres that I have ever been. So then, please pardon me for said life observation that follows.

Gone beyond my surroundings; I had been moved into quite literally a shoebox this morning. One illuminated by not a window, nor a door, but one hanging fluorescent light. Like a rotten glowing gland hanging over my head, I had tried all day to configure ways to make zen of my room for the week. Tea light candles, a few sticks of incense and getting out of the house, I had decided, would be my only remedy at this time. Not to mention being awfully home sick, I had in particular been racking my brain for the past week, wanting to internally combust if I so dare had to talk about myself for one more blasted moment. 

Hi my names Maleika, I’m from Queensland… blah blah blah. *insert pea rattling in brain here*

I sent myself out in search of silence, and after a long day of exercise and work I sat down at Paddys Irish Pub. Nestled quietly against the window I opened my laptop to begin writing what I felt was to be the days rant about tuning into jazz and tuning out of my current living situation.

Just as I began to tune out, I was interrupted by two elderly gentlemen bantering next to me. And what would begin as a friendly conversation, quickly turned to one of those life conversations that you could only ever hope to have with two charming young strangers. The kind that bridges the gap in generations, and restores knowledge and compassion and quite simply joy into, may I speak for myself, life. We talked about the multi generations that technology had put between our generations, Anarchy, The French Revolution, the equation or equality in that of money and power and most importantly the urgent need for a modern day revolution of our own. True to my inner nerd, I even at one point proceeded to pull out my voice recorder on my phone and take notes. Stan discussed his first love, Lachary spoke of his family and we kicked off a good solid hour of educational conversation; managing to feed both my appetite and brain over one most memorable meal plus apple cider.

Food for thought.

I left Stan and Lachary with a business card each, and we parted ways nodding and smiling and agreeing that we were too pleased to have entered the conversation.

It would be then, in perhaps one of the most unstable times in my life to date, that I have managed to find an inner stability that sits firmly grounded within my heart.

With my utmost of love, thank you Stan and Lachary.
Switch off that fluorescent bulb and flick on your inner light. 

as always, 

with love, M 

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