Saturday, July 21, 2012

a spoon full of sugar.

today has left me feeling mixed emotions, joyful, overwhelmed, proud, drained, & all of determined.
while i watch every one of my beautiful family members [ immediate, adopted, best friends, ex friends, lovers ] around me grow and struggle through loss and personal triumph, i have never felt more distant & connected at the same time.

sometimes i flick over to my own facebook page and look through my own photo albums, as if i wasnt me. but merely an onlooker. i am so grateful, so blessed, my life is injected everyday with color and light, intelligence, talent, communication, ten fingers, ten toes, a hell of a lot of soul & laughter.

i have for sometime wanted to convey my gratitude toward the people in my life, for their unconditional love, i have never been more in love with watching all of you grow and succeed and push and fight for what you want. you keep me on my toes, you make me believe in love, in falling in love, in the importance of self awareness & most importantly how to dance and sing my way through any situation. 

you are my spoon full of sugar; to help that medicine go down.

with love, M x

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