Saturday, July 7, 2012

so busy updating your status about socialising. you forgot to socialise.

my sister and i nearly checked in simultaneously in each others company. totally bogating the point of being together, spending quality time together and beyond that; basic comprehendable communication as to who was going to check us in. [you know, the important things in life]

isnt it a little worrying when our whole generation is more concerned with documenting our memories online, than we actually are with making them?

and more importantly, are we so concerned with our social media skills, that we've actually lost our social ability to converse in each others company.

sure, i enjoy bringing light to even the most distressful of my daily dramas with a sarcastically satirical status update. but wouldnt it be great if people could actually bring their charasmatic keyboard personalities to life.

and im sure, this is why i whole heartedly beleive internet dating will never work [man-hater strikes again]

on that note, its a sunday, i have hung over reminiscing to do with my sister in her bed with tinned spaghetti.

and im not even taking my phone. [fuck it, ill leave it in the loungeroom and flick it off silent so i can hear if it rings]

with love, M x

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