Sunday, August 26, 2012

obligation sunday.

true to form my no obligation to life day, had once again overhauled itself and so that even obligations that i had made on my choice, so swiftly got tossed out by a series of unfortunate events. 

okay, ill be honest here. after having a photo job cancelled on me half way to the venue, i decided to continue anyway and just attend the event, like the socially awkward person i am. after a near death accident with a travelling coffee mug and my tire, i arrived at the destination to realize that not only did i have no job, but i had no camera. 

and as i found myself with no direction for my day it would seem that my day directed me head on into the real obligation in my life; this! i had so cleverly been avoiding.

lying to yourself is one thing. but meticulously arranging days full of classes, cardio and coffee dates, and then calling them 'productive' is a skill all unto its own.

so on the day that i so constantly boast to be a day at my leisure. today i so leisurely choose to make a start on some of those obligations.

*with coffee, cake & sun of course!

with love, M

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