Tuesday, September 25, 2012

house of avalon for saucy rose editorial


Words by Maleika Halpin

The evolution of designer Sally Cooks label, Saucy Rose has taken on a life of its own.

From the humble beginnings of nothing more than a small boutique shop off of her family’s seaside restaurant. The swimwear turned full season collection, includes an array of easy frocks, matching sets and beautiful basics set against an exquisite collection of colour that is selectively embellished by her trademark ruffles, sweet heart lines, and simple feminine touches.

The designer, who thrives off of injecting her own bright personality into every piece she creates, says it has essentially transformed into an elegant extension of her swimwear line; an overall story of colour that easily transpires from ocean to office.

“There are a lot of pinks, fucias and burnt orange colours, so it’s very bright. It’s also very feminine, so the clothing has a lot of ruffles, and bow belts, and flowers. I really wanted to carry through the same representation and energy that I brought to my swimwear.”

Describing the new range from Saucy Rose would be like trying to describe the feeling you get while on holiday. Where the use of colour is so vibrant, it is as if each garment were designed with an exotic location in mind. Paris to Peru, London to Libya, perhaps even Thailand to Townsville, if you let it, this collection can really take you on a beautiful adventure without you ever having to leave your immediate surroundings.

“The Spring Time in Paris jacket and shorts with the ruffled top. The glamour girl dress with all the sequins and intricate beading. The bird watching top with the orange ruffles; I like things that are noticeable, where you can stand out from the crowd”

It is rare that a designer like this comes along and is able to verbalise themselves through the use of fabric. It reminds us that fashion is not about rigid reason collections anymore. It’s about dressing to suit your individual style, and expressing yourself through timeless garments that represent who you are.

“I’ve always been a colour girl, I’ve always had bright red or pink lipstick since I was about 20 years old and if I’m not wearing my lipstick, people go “what’s different about you today?”

Forgo basic dressing, Ms Rose is all about seizing the moment and dressing as if each day were a special occasion. Reflecting your inner shine has never been simpler, and where it starts says Sally, is with your wardrobe.

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