Sunday, September 9, 2012

spring cleaning.

somehow i imagined spring cleaning to be much more invigorating than this.

instead, it has become a torment between my simplistic self, which wishes to cleanse out my life of all the rubbish & my sentimental self which wants to hold onto those things in my life that remind me of who i am, what i have done & where i have come from.

knowing the line, has left me all things but clear about what i want & it seems, all sorts of stiffled over stressfree.

along the way i have also made a pile of items from my wardrobe that i have kept in hope that i will one day fit, or will need to send to the tailors to have altered.. unfortunately i cannot do the same with people. else i imagine matters of the heart would be much more logisitical to manage.

and as it stands it seems this time of year for me once again brings forward the need to cleanse material and emotional threads.

i hope in aid of simply putting this out there, i am helped to see things with a fresh perspective.

love it all out. let it all go. continue with quality over quantity & work to excell in the cards i have been dealt than the ones i have not.

with love, M x

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