Monday, September 24, 2012

we insult nine - five

we insult nine - five is my new fulltime position.


i declare war on the mundane domain that we are so frequently suggested to live by. i declare war on pieces of paper that certify and grade our intelligence. put frames on our minds, and run circles around our soles.

here's to writing NO rules, to throwing out the manual, to using your mind first to figure out how things work.

here's to falling in love with everyone and then still having the courage to take random opportunities, leave your comfort zone, and investigate every avenue. we call that; "living life on a whim, not on a him"

this is where we wear suits on a sunday, and thongs on a monday.
where its day-off-tuesday, and fridays your hump day.

our office is lavished in pillows, piles of books, and peppermint tea.
and were not driven by proffit or percentages, but passion & people.

and if somehow we should so wind up swinging in some sir richard branson style hammock then at that moment we will know that it is in true success of doing what comes first naturally to us,
to live a. logically, b. basically, c. beautifully, d. all of the above

that we find true happiness :) YOLO. seriously tho.

with yolo, i mean LOVE, M x

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