Wednesday, October 24, 2012

fiji reflector.

Dear diary.

Some days you can try and define by lists or feelings, some adventures can only be tin-canned by photos. Don’t worry – youll understand by the end of rant.

I think one of the utmost special parts of being able to see life through a lens is being able to freeze that non-existent moment where “life in itself truly exists.” I sometimes feel my mind lapse and my eyes close like the shutter of my lens – my friends and I quite literally capitalise that most of our time is spent – my life in photoshoot. mode.; this almost always pre-empts a lot of unpractical purchases that could never be worn in public and only owned on set.

Deep breath. I am in Fiji *insert question mark here* shooting Fiji Fashion week. I feel.. proud of myself. If that is okay to admit. I don’t think it’s the whole experience, or the place, or even that I have been gifted with an incredibly opportunity to shoot for a great company with, to my luck, great people. I don’t believe in luck. But I believe you get what you deserve. And I am also a firm believer that you should never chase success – you should chase what you are in love with – you should chase the one thing that wakes you up in the morning – success will follow.

I have been asked to write a reflection on today – my upraw in the obsessant and strange habit for amateur photographers to have models literally “hug trees” – getting my ass wet and flashing my granny undies – my perspective on Fijiji jiji – my thoughts.

I cant deliver. Its just the journey that I’m facing. I cant control it, or monitor it, im learning so much, its generally how I deal – I work like a champion under pressure.
So let my images speak for the experience, the snapshot, the feeling – I’m a writer also, but pixels are my first language.

With love, M x

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