Thursday, October 4, 2012

profession; list ticker.

for the longest time i have always needed a list. 

i remember my mother use to make us up little charts before we got ready for school, illustrated by the most darling little hand drawn pictures of me (i can only assume) 

+ breakfast + shower + get dressed + brush hair + brush teeth + pack lunch 
game. set. match. it got me out the door every morning. 

and to this day i must admit i am dreadfully useless without a list, a game plan. even my days that dont need them, have them; sleep in + wake up + go sit at cafe with book and two courses of food until sundown + drive home with roof down + draw bath + sit in bath until fingers turn to prunes + eat + sleep + repeat. 

it has in fact become so incessant that i do not know how to ordily function without one. even the most basic tasks in my life now need a game plan. and it is officially to my credit that from this moment forward i can automatically pinpoint any unreasonable doubt in my day to having no list. 

whatever helps you sleep at night (right, maleika?) 

well. yes actually. hand me a diary, a stack of post its and a pen any day. and before you know it ill have your bottom of the barrel boredom / chaotic unorganisation; looking like seamlessly organised chaos. 

perhaps it comes from my day to day ability to switch hats so often that i sometimes forgetten where ive put them. writer + photographer + dancer + fitness finatic + university student + civil rights activist + hippy + stylist + family man + man of the house + man about town. where your room isnt "messy" as such, youve just got everything out on display. where i in no way condone 9 - 5. or saying no. or even ruling out spontaneity.

but heres to putting a little pep in your step post list in your life.

listed in this order;

+ sign off post with love
+ re read on blog 4 times
+ update HOA facebook status
+ tidy kitchen
+ tidy room
+ go for run
+ make a game plan

with love, M x
(see, i feel better already)

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