Thursday, December 6, 2012

enough with the pixels already.

It seems that in absence of love or drama in my life, so to have been the cynical columns of my skeptical testimonies. I miss the illiterate literature. Where my fingers fly across the keyboard - dancing in pace with my thoughts.

Life is at the epicenter of happening. Pixels are in the millions, disc space is running low, time is not set in motion. It’s the jumbled beauty of being on holidays, being in debt, and being creative – you hit a point of freedom, where conclusion is met with an element of bewildered unsteadiness. You decide at this time, to just roll with.

This post really has no end or beginning, but I wanted to do a little finger cardio – they’re looking a little swollen – get them warmed up again for summer – ready to divulge to you my summer fling, my next chapter, my politically incorrect points of view – whilst taking immense pride in my shocking grammatical errors and dancing around sensitive subjects with ‘a wink & a wave’

Whilst most will spend the next month or so cracking coronas, flipping the flops & tanning in excess – my hours will sound more like – flipping the switch, cracking the culture & taking photos well into autumn.

Id like to further this end and say that in the spirit of being so incredibly free – I propose to expressively invest this summer in creating the most amazing foundation to begin 2013 – where everyone waits for the new year to begin the “new years resolutions” – I cant wait to keep rolling this years energy right on through, it really has been an exceptionally exquisite turning of age – not almost but definitely breathtaking. 

And sigh ** 

When earth is on edge, leave worries in bed, stretch out & seep what you sew. For our time is no others, no sisters nor brothers, but exquisitely, divinely our own. So dip in your skinny, slip into your mini & drive with the quiet down low. Sun up the summer, dash in some grammar & roll forward for all that you know. Here’s to another, a beautiful lover, a mother, a friend nor a foe. Invest in, discover, discuss with your father, get back to the basics & bones.

With love, M

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