Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ELVIS | Photos by Alfred Wertheimer

 photo elvisx1685_34_ret_zps62602b7f.jpg  photo evisx0028_02_ret_zpsf956560d.jpg  photo elvisxdownloadedfile-3_zpsa3f43d72.jpg  photo elvisxdownloadedfile-2_zps505cd420.jpg   photo elvisxdownloadedfile_zpse5f651c0.jpg  photo elvisx1689_02_ret_zps7a140185.jpg  photo elvisx1688_24_ret_zps5c616f67.jpg  photo elvisx0071_30_ret_zpsf3581694.jpg  photo elvisx1686_24_ret_zps556bc14b.jpg  photo elvisx1680_16_ret_zpse2add922.jpg  photo elvisx0077_41_ret_zps470151c2.jpg  photo elvisx0076_26_ret_zps639a7580.jpg  photo elvisx0075_v_ret_zps3a576840.jpg  photo elvisx0067_01_ret_zpsef1bfeb5.jpg  photo elvisx0064_40_ret_zpse982b504.jpg  photo elvisx0056_33_ret_zpsc2ac1318.jpg  photo elvisx0040_43_ret_zps276e6b39.jpg  photo elvisx0016_39_ret_zpse7243646.jpg


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  2. Amazing photos. I think I've never seen this side of Elvis before. Yes I've seen photos of him smiling or having a good time, but not like this; he seems so playful and also a real human being for a change. :) Great blog you have, & amazing job at frocks & other frivolities! x Mandy's such a beautiful girl & you've captured it perfectly.

    Indie by heart

    1. I agree,
      I love these images & really admire old photojournalism, without the technology to reshoot & reshoot, the images contained so much life!

      I hope you feel motivated to keep up with my blog, I have some exciting projects coming up!