Saturday, April 20, 2013

picks jaw off floor; mbfwa reflector

it seems the effervescent reflection from the shiny sheeny sparkly inaugural Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia has been blinding my vision. almost so to the point that it's been really hard to sit back and reflect on a week that was both exquisite & chaotic, a REAL eye opener for the creative soul. 

hard to pardon the joys of working beside some of the industries best, i was incredibly honored to have around the clock access, backstage, front of house, and all the in between moments that i know my friends and family are still reeling for me to release; Thanks to my incredible bosses at Fashion ONE Oceania; who. just. get. me. SIGH! 

having your camera attached to your soul for a week in which i engaged to shoot, and shoot and shoot and shoot again. And when i was tired & run down, and the blurry lines of beauty became ink stained on my heart, the other photographers would quickly remind me to get up & shoot again. this in itself has been invaluable.

the morbid ebb & flow left me little time to sleep, breathe or take it all in, but as i begin to sift through the odds & evens of thousands of photos, consequently, the realization that the ball is currently rolling, starts to settle in. 

i begin my quest to keep educating myself, to study the art, to learn from the masters, the self taught, the technical, & the brave.

& am beyond blessed to have the creative means, support & access, to pursue these dreams.
to create lines, & colours, & grainy textures from the avenues & barriers that our lives lay down for us daily.

i cant speak for anyone elses dreams or realities, but the opportunity to have these two concepts work along side one another are infinite parallel visions; in which i choose to carry with me those who have given myself & my heart such unwarranted & enthusiastic support. 

much sweat, love & jpegs will be broken inn.

M x

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