Monday, May 6, 2013

fresh faces

i'd always support my soulmates in any endevour they so choose, or unexpectedly fell in to. Needless to say, we have all dispersed onto our own paths, each stretching out in nordically opposite directions. 

falling in love, falling down, & fooling around.
making plans, making babies, choosing life.

giving each other that support & home base, allows us the freedom to make mistakes & move forward through our lives with great courage. 

despite the distance, i trust that every so often our paths will align us together, to talk, collaborate, drink tea & whisky, & laugh a lot, before we once again get back on our roads to no where. 

i especially enjoy blogging videos & photos that are relevant to my existence, given my blog holds so many personal little links to my soul. being able to share creative snippets from the people in my life who inspire me gives me no greater pleasure.

here we have talisa in a fresh little ad campaign from viviens mgmt in perth, <3 div="">

M x

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