Monday, May 20, 2013

random access memories.

in the release of the Punk that is Daft's ever anticipated 2013 Extended Play. 
random access memories tastes as sweet as it sounds. 

listening to an interview on my drive home with Thomas and Guy-Manuel, the duo behind the high-vis helmuts, it was a beautiful relief to hear them talk about connecting with the blood sweat and tears of real musicians. taking the digital revolution, stripping it back, & creating some seriously celebratory sounds that rock you to your flare-pant soul. 

the result is a listening session that has left me dancing out the chillies in my uggies, snuggies & a bottle of red. in the kitchen, in the car, in the morning, it is my personal opinion that my music preserves no one specific genre for any given moment. but rather lies on the basis of which the music is made. if then with heart, soul, intelligence & good intention, the music speaks to every ounce of your soul for that exact parallel purpose. 

an album like this only comes around once a decade, while i hear a few bustles of attitude and bad reviews, i think it should be taken for what it is. 

that is not for me to define, but you & your dancing shoes. 

M x

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