Wednesday, September 25, 2013


You see to me, fashion is an extension of who we are.

Yet here we all are trying to pull off the perfect sartorial style, with the attempt to appear effortless and coordinated, as if we ourselves are in fact effortless and coordinate. 

I pardon my rebut, but i will not beg to differ. i will simply, differ. 

To me those who accept their quirks and short comings as part of who they are - and dress accordingly... they are the true style icons.

Dita Von Teese, Iris Apfel, Anna Dello Russo, Michael Jackson, Bjork, just to scratch the surface..

The elusive 'It', that it is, cannot be replicated or ever done quite as well, for the act of imitation does not come from within, it is merely an attempt to attain the image of someone else for ourselves. an ideal.

I'm going to go right ahead and make an outlandish statement followed by no justification and say: 
My dear friends, this is why suits and uniforms are so dangerous.

This is why trying to play solitaire with sartorial can become incredibly self righteous and vain. 

For the love of double breasted tailoring, you can imagine why trying to convince yourself of innovation whilst simultaneously starring back at a pin-up, cut-out, instagrammed version of yourself can become quite exhausting.

To me, someone who is unapologetically themselves, unattainably, irreplicably perfect and accepting of all their facets & on top of that brave & humble enough to translate that through their outerwear has truly attained the impalpable 'It'.

That is why it cannot be pin-pointed or boxed and you will be hard pressed to find someone who can actually describe what 'it' is. 

I will attempt..

Style that leaves an ink stamp comes from a place of absolute truth. 
It is indescribable and irreplicable because it is totally unique to every person.

Truth of style can not exist without truth of person. 
And truth of person cannot exist without self exploration, understanding & acceptance.

w love,

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