Thursday, January 9, 2014


Here is my unsweetened, malt free, gluten free, no carb, low carb, source of new years literary protein. certified organic.

Whilst I know you're all making lists and plotting your plan to rid your existence of everything pre-31.12.13. - waste-lines, wardrobes.  Wishing emphatically that 14 will be the antidote to your 13, leaving you with a +1 for life and everything in it.

I come hard pressed to really truly devote my life to living in compartments, 365x365. Boxes, that leave your day to day to be ruled by schedules and un-ticked lists. It's awfully rational. Tirelessly grammatical. And ever so slightly boring.

Time is a concept far more abstract than anything we can surely consider. Far more powerful than one can surely measure by the arms of a ticking clock.

Birthdays have been marked with seasonal milestones, of which we should meet so that we can progress successfully forward.

While there are biological milestones of time we certainly can't ignore; your voice breaking like a pig with tourettes syndrome, missing your first, but not last, flight out of vegas, children, convertibles & eventually the supple mash of easy-chew food.

Time giveth - and time taketh away.

Im starting to wonder if the cardio-vascular system needs to have more of an influence on how we live life, rather than a watch.

In yoga and meditation, we concentrate heavily on the breath. Pranayama.

In which our actions work parallel alongside our breath. The key however, is to find our breath first, before making any movement, and constantly return to our breath throughout the practice, to make sure that our actions are guided by our breath. Rather than our actions defining our breath.

Were constantly living off of our environment, trying to be on time, make deadlines, and stay up to date. Looking outward to find our interests, and trying so hard to sync in with an environment. Any environment.

For most, this is a groove they will never find in a coffee shop, in an online forum, or VIP guest list. 

For most, they will spend their lives chasing fleeting moments of acceptance and success. Which in laymans terms, feels a little like #winning !

But any less than that? Moments of unsuccessful, awkward, mishaps? And we're suddenly not "ourselves".

Facebook, is literally a great picture for how many construct the image of their lives. Somehow we sticky-tape this morbidly happy timeline together. Carefully selected moments of joy, passion, opinion, and love.

This virtual reality, has become the benchmark for what we strive for in our actual reality.

Our search for happiness is also the bane of our existence.

Alan Watts discusses the importance of grounding yourself in your existence & feeling incredibly proud and entitled to your connection that you have with the earth and your life.

The answers my friend, are simple, I'm sure.

Our job is simply this; find your base beat. sync in with yourself.

Find your breath first, then move.

Once you realize that sitting back & sinking allows you to see the roads with a much wider perspective, you'll be able to navigate the vehicle with ease.

So sit back, stop trying so damn hard to fit in, and realize the perfect schedule is gifted in two simple intentions.

Inhale, Exhale.


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