Tuesday, February 25, 2014

dead fish.

 photo buttlittle-skate-yolk-noc_zps47d008d3.jpg  photo buttFish_zps1fd84812.jpg  photo buttAdam-Summers-Fish_zps036158c3.jpg  photo buttAdam-Summers-Fish-8_zpsf2639cc2.jpg  photo buttgreenling-noc_zpse28ef08a.jpg  photo butterfly-noc_zps4ff270f6.jpg  photo buttbonnethead-noc_zpsc111adcf.jpg
"Dead fish can be surprisingly beautiful. Hiding beneath their scales is an elegant, skeletal architecture, a complex biological scaffold that with some skill, can become art.

 Adam Summers, who studies vertebrate biomechanics at the University of Washington, takes photos of the insides of fish as part of his research. But the process is a lot more involved than snapping a pic with a cellphone. His pictures can take days to produce, and they reveal the intricate bony or cartilaginous infrastructure inside marine creatures like rays, skates, and fish. Summers’ work is now featured in an exhibit at the Seattle Aquarium that pairs each photograph with a poem."

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