Friday, October 9, 2009

huge-bitch? not-so-bad

get a clue, we're all living in a society where your success is ultimately determined by other peoples success.

everyone is judging, constantly analysing, with opinions and morals and values set as a backbone to determine whether or not your living a successful life. and it is only natural to take on board all this analysis, after all isnt that how we make up our own?

no one wants to be judged, but who are we kidding. we do it all the time, shes too skinny, shes too fat, shes a big slut, shes a big virgin and shes making a fool of herself by wearing that and this and blah blah balh,. and so the questions come, can we ever truly be happy with our own lives if everyone around us isnt? do we ever really know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, and what is the cost?

or is the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, really just determined by other people judging.

it occured to me, that if we are so influenced in the first place, did we ever really have an opinion?

i recently discovered my nack for deciding whether or not someone was a bitch, via the shape of their eyebrows. high and thin; huge bitch, full and shapely; knows how to be a bitch, nude and soft; too shy to be a bitch. from there i like to form my relationships.

however, i think instinct plays a very important role in our self confidence. if our first thought is to take on the negative vibes and words, then we'll probably glump back in our chair. but if its the total opposite then we'll probably remain happy, even if that means getting up on our high horse.

theres nothing wrong with being a little stuck up, and in the know. sometimes being all high and mighty is the best way to make it through the day, dignity intact and letting everyone know that ultimately were all just running the same race.

and that if we become fearfull of what other people are going to think, and yes they are, then there is simply no one to blaim but ourselves.

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