Monday, October 5, 2009

its-all-about-the staples .

in a fashiontastic world where the new trends are changing faster than you can say 'down the runway' it is important to invest in those staple items. the ones that never loose their shape, are always worth their value, and never go out of style.

of course as fabulous as a chanel suit sounds, hells bells they've only been in style for about 100 years, for the majority of us its not even an option.

and so it is important that i suggest, a navy blazer, a nice pair of slacks, a leg lengthening shoe, and good quality bag. everything else can be done on the cheap, i would know.

in saying that, there are two quotes that i think should be very important in dressing yourself:

"dont wear everything you own at once" valentino
''too much good taste can be boring'' diana vreeland

here here!

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