Tuesday, May 3, 2011


you know that stage of a relationship where everything just hangs.
that's where i sit right now. my girlfriends and i have dubbed it relationship limbo.
nothings regular enough to say your dating or even f buddies. and your not close enough to bring it up casually in a conversation - except you were once then something happened and now its all a bit hazy - anyway... casually in conversation without looking like a stage 5 clinger
- hi, what the fuck are we doing?

i know many of my friends have found themselves in similar situations as of late, which leaves me wondering: is it the age or is it the day and age?

as if commitment wasn't hard enough already, now its taboo to talk about.
limbo - if anything - is just down right frustrating. it is my belief that from every relationship you should learn something, anything. but when your left hanging - maybe there's just too much rope between point a and point b. and nothing there to fill the gap.

one of my friends has been given an ultimatum - ultimately date or die. the relationship that is.
they're in limbo too, just on the flip side of me. its interesting to have that other perspective - because when a guy takes control its often considered romantic - so why when a woman does its totally desperate. and we all know there's nothing worse than desperate.

i could spend all night maybe this maybe that - ill give myself until 12.32am when hopefully ally mcbeal can offer up some sort of relationship advice - or should i jjust hang myself now?

m. xx

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