Monday, August 22, 2011


okay so i have two issues in re branding refreshing and re establishing this blog.

my internet data/speed/upload/download geek jargon is not permissible of my photo size. so many beautiful images i wish to upload, so little time and so willed am i. i am willing to give up university study hours at the lab to upload some photos. "willing" being the operative word.

i have found that i have nothing to say for myself as of late. when i returned from overseas i assumed that i would be full with words and wit and a whole new insight on life. ironic. considering i just enrolled in university majoring in journalism.

looking back on previous blogs today. ive noted. im actually ticking off my plans for twenty.
university. travel. saving. ive even locked in a date for skydiving. easily one of the most irrational goals on my list. yes even over learning to drive manual.

on that note. new goals starting now.
still. lose a few kilos.
commit to exercise.
catch up on classic movies of all time.
quality photos.
inspiration board.
read and finish books.
book more travel.
get back in the sun.
stop looking for love.
allocate turn off and tune out days.

fill house of avalon with love and light and wit.

m x

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