Friday, February 17, 2012

damien and morgan ♥


shooting today with Damien Nikora and Morgan Johnsen was a dream. we shot until the sun hid behind the mountains; getting lost somewhere between movement and ever effulgent sunlight, i found myself doing my own version of the shoot. everytime i hang out with Damien questions i have are answered, lightbulbs flash, and learning is met with stunned gratitude. i cant wait to publish the images up from the shoot, from both mine and damiens cameras. morgan was an absolute angel to shoot, carrying a striking energy right through to the back of the lens with one glance. there's a heap more behind the scenes stuff too, but i thought this image {one of the first of the day} stands alone well and captures our the shoot in a moment.

eyes peeled. booty out ;)

with love, M x