Sunday, February 19, 2012

monday brings


the last week of summer..

life. is. for the time being. still as busy as hell. and also marks my personal and own last week of summer before the beginning of semester life. although i plan to harshly break this up between a trip to Melbourne Fashion Week and one long blissful month spent between New Zealand and The States. I am a serious nerd come semester start. this means a long awaited trip to Office Works this week, and a serious few hours spent labeling and color coordinating my highlighter colors come class timetable come university map, so atleast I have a sense of "I'm organised and am going to get the most amazing grades". it seems old habbits die hard, and ones I bared with me during school have lingered on to university.

enough. my last week of summer, foremost means, sun filled days mixed with grabbing at last bits of opportunist cash. i have a sewing lesson to attend and a health kick to continue. i also want to lock in some more photo shoots. freedom for a week. I'm looking forward to blogging a little bit more and more, and since i am still not a fan of the self timer, new items will be met with hangered photos and wardrobe stills.

i am, for the all part, a hippy at heart. the eb n flow is met with a competitive nature and a drive for something bigger. so just for this week i say;

face to the sun, camera to the bum.

with love, M

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