Monday, February 20, 2012

gentlemen please.


It would seem, to my disappointment that dapper men are a dying breed. This occurred to me while I received several strange looks from a group of boys as I told them they would probably get arrested and should put their shirts back on walking into surfers. And later confirmed by a conversation had with one witty and namely friend of mine JW. The art that is of dressing dapper, should come with a warning; that means that slapping on a hire suit from the formal shop, which is a. not tailored and b. warn as a group decision/costume makes you look like a bunch of mr. big wannabees on your bux night or worse those out to replicate the boys from ‘the hangover’. Refining this art can put down to three of a few things; knowing your fabrics, spending that extra to have your suit tailored, and making ‘dressing well’ a part of your everyday living. I can not begin to tell you the amount of brownie points men in suits have. They carry themselves differently. Call it what you want swagga/pazzaz/shmick suits scream sexy.

I have here style blogged a friend of mine NF, one in particular who never fails to 'suit up'. and I should also give an honourable mention to the following TBH, MH, and JW who never see a suit for a fancy dress occasion, but live each day in their sunday best.

Ladies Man, Mans Man, Man About Town.
Girls will fall, Men will Follow.

With love, M

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