Sunday, February 19, 2012

a few of my things

today, i thought i would share a few of my favourite things. a few years old, months old, a few days old and even arriving today at my door step.

[descriptions NOT in chronological order; just for kicks!]

4. adorns my wall an article i found on sex and the city's Kim Catrall and her wardrobe. she talks about the influence the show had on her style and the private sanctum that should be your dressing space. "your dressing area should be your private space, who you let into that inner sanctum should be pretty special" her clothes are displayed like art in what the article describes as a space filled with endless shoes and sunlight. personally, i can't let go of this article. and i couldnt think of anywhere more perfect to hang it then in amongst my own dressing area.

3. ive also pinned to my wall, and i cant tell you how long they have now been there for. except that i hand stitched these babies myself one long summer i spent in miami, FL. denim and lace g-strings of all things are not the most practical of things to wear, which is why they are on my wall instead of in my underwear draw. and i love them too much to wear them.

1. this is the samantha wills bracelet i so promised to post. it comes in the most magical shade of rose gold and is adorned with a leopard stone. the beautiful big wooden box that the bracelet arrives in, speaks enough for the quality. i havnt decided what to wear it will yet, in the catalogue she has it layered with a whole heap of other pieces from the collection. but im adament it doesnt need much else.

2. just when i thought my birthday had finished, i was reminded that it should last until after america. arrived at my doorstep a colorful birthday box from my dear friend Freya. in it nestled an endless supply of silk tea bags, a gorgeous little card with more words of kindness, and a book entitled "do's and don't; 400 new jokes from the funniest magazine column to ever exist in the history of the universe"

and so, ive cancelled my diary for the afternoon and made plans to stay in with a cup of silky tea, this book, and my blog.

sharing is caring

with love, M x

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  1. Beautiful photos, as always! :)

    <3 Mandy xx