Monday, February 13, 2012

with love, M ♥

this valentines day i have been borderline optimist borderline cynic.
i swung for optimist, but i want you to know i think love should be celebrated everyday. its easy to get caught up in the moment, because it is one particularly romantic day and forget about the reality of the situation. i hold few people dear to my heart and those i do, live across seas and oceans only reachable through planes, trains or automobiles. ive had many-a conversations with those who i love today and what we have concluded is in the importance of self love, something i think people lose on a daily basis and are only sadly reminded by once or twice yearly. as my 21st birthday approaches tomorrow, my vision clears and im starting to see what is truly important. your independence, your voice, your friendships, your family, and your inner state. everything else will follow.

so to those who i can not touch today- i miss you- happy valentines day ♥

with love, M
spreading the love all year round. not just today.


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    1. thankyou!! i have been following your blog, but i will ad it to my list.

      hope you had a beautiful valentines day; celebrating you!

      M x