Tuesday, March 6, 2012


i was skeptical before even agreeing to watch this video. there has been quite literally an outburst of KONY in one day throughout my facebook community. and from my previous experience im not usually one to join the hype. looking past the main issue of this video, lies a much more special message. about the alliance of people and youth. the year, 2012 has been spoken about as an end. but i think what this end is, is the shift in perception and energy through people, a change in power, a rise in compassion. it is, exciting and scary to not only see it but feel this change happening before us. I will actually be in the United States on April 20 and im definitely going to look into how i can get involved, the movement there will be something to witness and be part of.

KONY; take from it what you will, and pass on your lessons.
raising the vibrational frequency, breath in & breath out.

with love, M

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