Thursday, May 24, 2012

cruel summer

The premier of Yeezi's short film entitled 'Cruel Summer' in Cannes,

South of France. May 23.2012

Currently awaiting the moment I can loose myself for 30 blissful minutes, mesmerized by colour and sound, if Runaway was anything to go by, Cruel Summer is going to be a delightful smorgasbord for the senses. Obviously I haven't seen it yet, so I am not entitled to rant about its brilliance just yet, and one should never trust a critics 'rave', else it gets built up and then easily dropped on its head. #theavengers

however, a film from one of the most reputable and talented artists of today collaborating with his team of brilliant minds, should serve up nothing short of exquisite. #DONDA

with love, M

ps. okay, i am admittedly still a little gutted inside about this overwhelmingly good looking couple. not to mention, she set the bar, and how am i ever going to live up to that; #missnewbooty #kanyesworkoutplan

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