Friday, May 25, 2012

you're a writer, you should be writing this down.

I live for one, a very interesting lifestyle and I believe it is an unfortunate misshap that therefore recording it has not become a more frequently visited exercise.

Posting your daily happenings I believe, where ones true inner thoughts have been shunned by society, or more importantly not acceptable to voice certain private details, honest opinions and political debates via facebook standards and 120 characters on twitter.

Perhaps NY had turned me a little cynical, perhaps I was tired of everyone posting inspirational quotes framed by bad graphic designs, or was it that I was in need of my own cold hard slap of reality to end my very own said cynical era.

Bragging rights to a blog that has but two few followers, allows me to go on pointless rants about things the world may or may not find relevant. But at least for those moments, i get to bravely devour my very thoughts on my page.

And I cant help but fight peoples liberation and my own personal battle; human rights vs free speech. Where if one allows you to do what you like with your life, dress and display yourself at your leisurely choice then doesn't the other give right to free judgement and blatant display of public honesty?

What if for one day everyone cut the crap? Politicians defaced there noble policies, Men confessed their inner emotions and you decided to face those awfully awkward situations with the utmost of honesty bordering bluntness.

Perhaps it would inject a little humour into what were all getting so passionate about?
Or are we too Proud to take the Prejudice?

just a thought.

with love, M x

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