Thursday, May 10, 2012

it dont mean a thing

i guess for the most part blogging is about things. having things, nice things, pretty things, going pretty places with pretty people and talking about all the worlds pretty things that it has to offer. i, for one am majority vote for surrounding yourself with beauty. but hasnt it all become a tad bit material?

at least i am learning quickly to let go. and detach. after the formidable flow of a series of unfortunate events, that has seen my things; my important things. things i would consider necessary to live a normal workable life to [pardon] fuck up and off right before my eyes. my car; destroyed by a kangaroo, ripping through my radiator and pushing up the entire engine is now on its way to the gold coast via truck. and my iphone; stolen by a street scoundrel, right before my eyes as he asked me for the time and was off down the street before i could finish saying 8pm.

i have, for the good of me, been trying to see the light. the fact that im stuck at home; allows me to sort out my goals, read and refocus.

i hate to say that i would ever NEED something, a material thing, a phone, a necklace, a camera [the list is endless of the things that have dissapeared over the course of the last month] but my things, are special to me. precious even. i try so very hard, more than the normal person, to keep all my things in tact. but it would seem something is up, something is twisted in my energy at the moment, and i cannot for the life of me figure it out. someone, anyone. please cut me a break.

and so here is my little prayer to the universe;

dear universe,
i sit, silent and still; not caring what belongings you take from me. to some, it may look a lack in care or responsibility to ownership. i love, openly. and live free. thankyou for robbing me of all communication to the outside world, left only with my homely surroundings, my camera and a pen. breathe and let go. these next few weeks are for you and i, universe. to re-align. lets start a fresh.

i have no money, no transport, and no means of contact.
but i am rich in love, ideas, words and self company.

and now, i am going to go and back up my computer.

with love, M x

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  1. Such pretty, though-provoking, and ruminative words Maleika. I'm particularly enamoured by your line "i have no money, no transport, and no means of contact. // but i am rich in love, ideas, words and self company."

    Who needs material possessions when you have yourself? :)

    I hope everything goes upwards from here. <3

    Love, Mandy xxx