Monday, May 14, 2012

upper east side

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i shot this while on the upper east side in new york city.
for a brief moment i wanted to stop the bus and find out his story.
where has he been, what was his story and how did he get here.

i think he is the most beautiful and curious looking old man, almost childlike as he stares out of his apartment window overlooking central park.
does he live alone? was he ever in love? where is she now?

people watching is admittedly one of my greatest pleasures in life,
i find it to be most educating
through afternoons of pondering a plethera of guessing games on strangers
i am able to learn more about people than listening to friends individual problems,
which often leave me more questionable about my own existence than anything.

and now for a moment,
consider this

people watching, people watching

with love, M x

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