Sunday, June 30, 2013


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my personal saga to render, recycle & renegade against consumer society whilst maintaining a social conscience & raising awareness for women & children working in sweatshops around the globe.


A fashion blog with a conscience. #nonewclothes is a style initiative that will be launching V soon.
This little project is going to help us open our eyes, see what is in front of us already, & utilize our creativity.
I am committing to not purchasing any items of clothing for 6 months. 
I am committing to reworking the clothes I already own.
I am committing to style blogging new creations that come from working within my own means.
I am also launching this new style blog in alliance with an incredibly important cause.
I am setting up a sponsorship project where by majority of money raised will all go to charity.
I am looking to launch & encourage the recycling of clothes we already own.
Collaborating clothes swaps & designer auctions.
The possibilities are endless...

I am committed to raising awareness about the standards of living for many children & women working in sweatshops around the globe. An industry that all of us not only passively support but empower. It's incredible to think we so actively support & sport many brands that have no not an ounce of social conscience when it comes to the manufacturing of our clothes, yet would show no qualms in so lustrously promoting our own lavish ways of living. 

The Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, where fashion moguls MANGO (FYI Brand Ambassador Miranda Kerr) produced their clothes, recently collapsed killing 257 people & injuring many more. Life impairment we can not even begin to comprehend. These workers were working for less than $30 a week, in conditions that were detrimental to their lives and hundreds of family structures.

If we so choose to engage in aimless consumerism, what we must begin to understand is the cost of which we are willing to allow ignorance to fund. 

Living to exist, not existing to live.

I will endeavor to uncover more of these personal stories along the line & hopefully will gain support from the Fashion Councils, as well as from you :)

Any small amount would be accepted with great gratitude,

Please keep your hearts open & minds alert.

& dont forget .. #nonewclothes | |

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