Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vote One, Our Gal: Grace Cobb

Hi There,

M here.. just sending out a little love note to your little self & on behalf of this little lady directly above.

One beautiful soul, do-gooder, mover, shaker, entrepreneur,  inspiiring co-star, always co-ordinated, always kind, compassionate, & honest, & most recent poignant shift into Politics. Grace is the kind of gal you love to be around & love to love, i swear on my own bones there is not an ounce of her bones that doesn't want to see every young person with a dream achieve it. 

Last year, she rattled my own boat & took me under her wing to work with her at Fashion One. This working relationship consists of PURE BOUNCE. That is, ideas, brightness, contrast, direction & love,  all shifted around notepads, emails, brains & hearts to produce work were both intimately proud of.

Professional Puppy Love aside; as if running for a seat in federal parliament weren't enough, 
& creating a hub for young media mavens under Harper Duke
Pedestrian TV have also nominated her for Bachelorette of the year twenty -13. 

I'd be absolutely smitten if you could take a moment to cast your vote for Grace

here or here or here or here or here or here or here

ciao for now x

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