Monday, August 19, 2013

no new foes.

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living out of a suitcase has thrown me into a magnificent orbit - i am finding new & interesting ways to settle my wardrobe everyday. 

& as I have discovered we are really so fortunate to live in a day & age where anything literally goes. 

spending the last week here in "Art Deco" capital of the world, Napier, is an oggling revolt back to a wave of reality Gatsby. 

in that sense, i feel, if I so choose, I could instantaneously live in the 1920's. Or the 50's or the damn 00's. For me, this is one of the beauties of clothing, fabrics, textures & those frivolous liberties that they are.

One can certainly do as one so wishes.

So whack on your sundress, slap on your cap, & strap up your bowling shoes.

Everything I now own, is forever a friend, no longer a foe.
(warning: words of a wardrobe hoarder!)

May your heart lead you on own adventure daily & may your rags represent your light hearted attitude & buoyant spirit 

M x

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