Monday, September 2, 2013

how to live an intrinsically honest & lovely existence

accept emotion as 'a motion', it comes & goes, receive it, embrace it, release it.
resistance to pain is perhaps the most painful part.

align your goals with your morals & values. for every action has a reaction.
in this way we can simply draw a line in the sand before every action occurs; & ask..
does this action bring me closer to my truth or not?

never make an exception of yourself.
never excuse your own laziness if you cannot fathom laziness in other people.
recognize those flaws as a basis to understand & unite, rather than divide & destroy.

accept that there may be more than one truth.
every persons reality is built off of their very own unique history.
& does not make it any less valid than yours.

never lie. not even a white lie. for even a white lie taints what is reality.
a tainted reality is the beginning of the shadiest gray areas.
the truth will liberate your destiny & set you free.

celebrate what you have. the more you celebrate your life, the more there is to celebrate.

M x

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