Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Where do I even Begin? the female body is a beautiful and remarkable thing. to even know where to begin this argument i would have to start by asking 'why after everything that has evolved, are females still playing this ever continual game of tug-of-ware against themselves?'

while we fight everyday for equal rights for independence as woman, to not be judged, to live and work and gain the same respect as men, to not have our emotions toyed with and our limits in life controlled by our gender. it seems that in total and opposite hypocrisy, we are constantly exploiting our bodies and serving ourselves up on a silver platter to men; to be sexually ridiculed, judged, given ratings and treated like a piece of meat up for sale at the local butcher.

the video above features a bunch of local girls partying and acting raunchy; getting around in next to nothing, for a local dj track, that obviously needed a video so attention grabbing to compensate for the lack of musical and lyrical talent that sits within the songs content. the saddest part being, that these girls most probably didn't receive a cent for their girl on girl romp, but merely the promise of being featured in a 2 minute clip that may or may not act in detriment to any future career they wish to have, or could just as likely launch them into a dead end 15 minutes of fame.

before i go any further, i would like to say that some of the girls i know personally, they are smart, beautiful and educated young women. this is not a personal attack on any of them, but rather i would like to provoke questions, thoughts and then just some plain confused inner arguments that have been crossing my mind since watching it.

i think for me, the major issue is knowing where that big fat fucking line is, between presenting a woman who is sexually aware and confident in her body and presenting one who is so damn insecure that she feels she needs to offer it up to men for their viewing pleasure and judgement. or in turn men who feel the only way to get a girl to perform sexually for them, is to get them so off rocket and take advantage of their natural carefree inhibitions that come with any form of high.

so help me if working in the nightclub industry/on the gold coast has given me one hell of a feminist opinion, but as a dancer and performer myself; you could not pay me enough or offer me enough free champagne to get involved in something like this. i could go as far as to say that while the majority of the female population are fighting hard for they're lifestyles, there is a small percentage who ironically CHOOSE to have their naivety exploited; and that small percentage are responsible for the pigheaded mindset of a man who namecalls, gropes and rapes woman.

im also not blaming men here, in many a passing conversation i've had with men, they don't respect these types woman in the slightest. but where are they to draw the line, when we can't even do it ourselves?

perhaps i am most affected by this video because its so local to me, and the faces are familiar. yes, its all a bit of fun and games and i in no way condone taking life so seriously.. ive had moments myself im not proud of. but this video, is to put it simply; forever. there is no erasing this from your facebook timeline.. its for good.

i dont really know what note to leave this post on, im still not even sure if the girls in the video know what to think of the video. let alone what i think.

and so, i would like to end on this message;
you only have one body in this life, it is your temple. your heart, your mind and your spirit. you can blame no one but yourself for the actions you take; the health you create, the people you surround yourself with and the path you choose to follow. love yourself. there is only one.

with love, M

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